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AB38 Upright

As you can see in the pictures its in very good condition for a 1998 machine. Most of the main pins and brushes have all been replaced prior to coming in to us. 


  •  Self Propelled
  • None Marking Tyres
  • Telescopic Boom
  • 2 Man Cage
  • Ideal for indoors e.g. factories
  • 8 new batteries
  • 6  months lolar test
  • Working heights up to 13.5m (44ft)
  • Electric or bi-energy
  • Excellent up and over ability with 6.1m (20ft.) working outreach at 5.4m (17ft. 8in.) clearance height
  • Simple one hand proportional control 
  • Tight inside turning radius compact 0.4m (15in.0 
  • Efficient direct electric drive 
  • Optional platform rotator

Nationwide delivery available: Please ask for a delivery quotation.
Date posted: 18/12/2018

Nifty Lift 120 HPE Bienergy (2010) Honda Engine and Hydraulic Legs
Original Nifty Lift, one company owner from new. Comes with 6 month independent Loler test and has a brand new 110 240 built in charger unit.
  • Fast Tow
  • Genuine Nifty Lift
  • Excellent Tyres
  • Hard to find quality access
  • Two man cage
  • Working Height 12.33m: Outreach 5m
  • 1195kg Weight: Width 2.7 m (legs fully extended) : Length 5.75m
  • Honda Engine
  • Fitted with 4x our standard batteries
£9750 +VAT
Nationwide Delivery available: Please ask for delivery quotation.
Date posted: 10/11/2017
Upright TM12 (2007) Vertical Self propelled machine
In outstanding condition, this Upright TM12 has recently had four brand new batteries fitted. Comes with 6 month independent Loler test.
  • 2 man cage
  • One of our own machines
  • Fits most small trailers
  • 2 brand new wheels and tyres fitted
  • Working height 5.6m: Stowed Height 1.62m
  • Weight 830kg
  • Overall Length 1.3m: Overall Width 0.74m
  • Built in charger
  • 110 Volt
  • Four brand new batteries

    £2250 +VAT

    Nationwide delivery available: Please phone for delivery quotation.
    Date Posted: 31.07.2018
Matilsa Parma 7 (2012) Hydraulic Access Platform
We have two of these Palma 7's in stock. These machines are brand new, with less than 1 hour use (used as demonstration machines). Fantastic machines ideal for sign writers, alarm installation contractors and factory use. Simple to operate, lightweight push around platform, road towable with minimal set up time. This machine has four manual wind down outriggers for total stability.
  • Fast tow
  • Trailer mounted
  • Lightweight
  • Working Height 7.50m: Outreach 1.10m
  • 2 man cage
  • Basket Size 1.20m x 0.60m
  • Stowed Length 1.9m: Stowed Height 2.00m
  • Maximum width 0.85m
  • Maximum basket capacity 200kg
  • Gross weight 455kg
  • Built in 110 volt charger
  • Built in lighting board
  • Vertical Machine with Variable top boom
View Matilsas site: or on youtube.

£7500.00 +VAT per machine

Nationwide delivery available: Please phone for delivery quotation.
Date posted: 18.12.2018

Ixolift 400: Brand New CE marked
Answers all health and safety problems. No six monthly lolar tests, No IPAF license to operate just a basic induction. No hydraulic oil required, no batteries and no maintenance making it a hassle free quality machine. Simply press the gas strut lever, the machine goes up, pull the lever in the cage and the machine drops back down. 

  • Adjustable work platform 
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Working height up to 4 meters
  • Gas spring powered, easy to operate 
  • Safety compliant alternative to ladders
  • Compact sized, easy to move around alone
  • Automatic anti surfing brakes for extra safety 
  • Eco friendly, hydraulic oil free, maintenance free

£2500+VAT per machine
Nationwide delivery available: Please call for a quotation.

Date Posted: 18.12.2018

Snorkel S3219E (2016) Electric Slab Scissor Lift

A brand new machine, used for demonstration purposes with only 4 hours of use. This machine features a rigid dual shear design scissor stack, "inside out" maintenance design with twin access doors. Large extension deck and over engineered components. Built to handle the demands of the rental industry and the toughest job sites, this new snorkel electric scissor lift is designed with a focus on low total ownership costs. Reliable, robust and simple lifts packed with innovative features designed to reduce downtime. Easy towed on small plant trailor or for factory floor use.


  • Non Marking Tyres
  • Descent Alarm
  • 2 Person Capacity Indoors
  • 1 Person Capacity Outdoors
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Working Height 7.79m
  • Max Platform Height 5.79m
  • Overall Width 0.81m
  • Stowed Height 2m
  • Weight: 1611kg
  • Battery Condition Indicator
  • Dual Lanyard Attachment Points
  • Fantastic Contractors Machine
  • Exactly Same Machine as MX19 Machines

£6995 + VAT

Nationwide Delivery Available: Please call for a quotation.

Date Posted: 18.12.2018

Snorkel TM12 (2016) The Original Self Propelled Mast Lift

A brand new machine, used for demonstation purposes only, never been outside, 4 hours of usage. Recently enhanced with hydraulic powered decent and a 0.5m roll out deck extension as standard, the TM12 continues to set the standard in low level elevating work platforms. A versatile and compact self propelled mast lift perfect for maintenance duties as it fits easily through a single doorway and can be carried in passenger elevators.


  • Roll out deck extension
  • Hydraulicaly powered descent
  • Descent and tilt alarms
  • Non marking rubber tyres
  • Crane Lift Points
  • Horn
  • 2 person capacity indoors
  • 1 person capacity outdoors
  • Integrated battery charger
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Max Working Height 5.6m
  • Stowed Height 1.62m
  • Weight 830kg

£6750 +VAT

Nationwide delivery available: Please contact for a quotation

Date posted: 18.12.2018